IED Master Magazine

IED is a place where to have conversations.

It is definitely more and more of this: it is an institute that for almost 50 years has been training about 120.000 students; it is a place of excellence in design, fashion, visual arts and communication; it is a place where every year thousands of students pass their own days by acquiring skills joining theory and practice (what we call “to know” and “to know how to do”; it is a big Italian company; it is a point of focus for other companies that want to develop new ideas with some of the best young creative talents. It is this and much more, because the set is richer than the single parts.

IED Master was born in this context, matching classic Master programs with new 1st Level Master Degrees recognized by MIUR, and developing the theme of dialogue at its highest level. The value of a IED Master stays upon not only content, but upon its approach to innovation, its national and international network, the coexistence of people from different worlds and cultures. From comparing with new cultures, between tradition and perspective of the future, between research and business, professionals and projects defining future scenarios will be born, day after day.

In this project hundreds of people will be involved: teachers, coordinators, directors, tutors, and for all of us it is a pleasure to know our work will contribute to create value, ideas, perspectives for our students and for the background in which each one of them will be living as professionals.

What we are doing seems too much beautiful not to spread it!

This website was born as a tool to talk about our activities and context we move in. You will find posts by teachers, professionals, students, special guests, who will find a blank page to tell about IED Masters but above all their point of view about the social and cultural evolution we are in,about tools and new  professions, about the meaning of what we daily make as professionals, teachers and students.

Enjoy reading.

And come back frequently.

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