After a (guilty) 2-years break the time to investigate the status of design has come back.

The word design is not a random choice, as is the widest common denominator of formal expressions very different from each other yet united by a common field –design, indeed, that creative thinking looking for an integration with reality.

Design is about ideas, concepts, dreams, wishes coming true thanks to the same keynote approach, ideas taking place over time, space and people.

Architecture, design, art all combined each other and being displayed for 6 months, from April 2nd to September 12th 2016, in Milan.
The beating heart is the Triennale Palace – formerly known as Palazzo dell’Arte, realized in 1935 by Muzio – that is the core of many exhibitions, conferences and lectures spread over the city.

  • VESPA 150 T.A.P. (Truppe Aeree Paracadutate), 1956
    VESPA 150 T.A.P. (Truppe Aeree Paracadutate), 1956. Military Scooter, Courtesy: Piaggio Museum. Pontedera (PI), Neo Preistoria -100 Verbi developed by Andrea Branzi and Kenya Hara.
    RURAL STUDIO, Rural Studio, Greensboro Boys and Girls Club, Greensboro, Alabama. © Timothy Hursley, included in Architecture as Art conceived and directed by Pier Luigi Nicolin and developed by Nina Bassoli at Hangar Bicocca.
    In the NEW CRAFTS exhibition developed by Stefano Micelli at Fabbrica del Vapore, HSL, Laboratori di HSL, Dust extraction and first stage of cleaning the applique Bolle lamp diffuser, designed by Selvaggia Armani for .exnovo, 2015.
    Francesca Lanzavecchia with Hunn Wai, VEGETABLE METAMORPHOSIS, 2013, exhibited at Triennale Design Museum at its ninth edition, presenting W Women in Italian Design developed by Silvana Annicchiarico.
    One of the housings of XXI Triennale in city, MUDEC‐ Museo delle Culture. The building seen from outside © PHOTO OskarDaRiz. Sempering developed by Luisa Collina and Cino Zucchi with Valentina Auricchio and Simona Galateo.
    HANGAR BICOCCA seen from outside. Courtesy Pirelli HangarBicocca. Photo Agostino Osio.
    IV TRIENNALE IN MONZA 1930. Electric House, company Edison, architects Figini, Pollini, Frette, Libera, Bottoni
    X TRIENNALE IN MILANO 1954. International Exhibition of Industrial Design, Castiglioni, Menghi, Morello, Nizzoli, Provinciali, Rosselli, Pepe, Reggiani.
    XIV TRIENNALE IN MILANO 1968. The problem of creativity in the big-numbers society, Saul Bass e Herb Rosenthal.
    XX TRIENNALE IN MILANO 2001-2004. Lucas, the infinite city.

21st Century. Design After Design, is the title of the XXI International Exhibition of Triennale di Milano.

Not a vision of the future but the new millennium vision through the comparison with contemporary themes: the matter of gender in design, the globalization impact, the transformations produced by the 2007 financial crisis, the relations between city and design, but also between design and affordability of new technologies, between design and craftsmanship.
12 locations for 20 exhibitions edited by the scientific committee of XXI Triennale or in collaboration with museums, institutions, companies and international participations with exhibitions from over 30 countries.
There is also a busy schedule with theatrical appointments edited by CRT at Teatro dell’Arte, 2 summer schools, participations in 4 festival of cinema (Cinema Africano, IT Festival, Milano Design Film Festival e Milano Film Festival), concerts, workshops, awards and meetings.

The exhibitions in Triennale include the new edition of Triennale Design Museum with W, Women in Italia edited by Silvana Annicchiarico, La Metropoli Multietnica by Andrea Branzi, Brilliant! I futuri del gioiello Italiano edited by Alba Cappellieri, Neo Preistoria – 100 Verbi edited by Andrea Branzi and Kenya Hara, Stanze. Altre filosofie dell’abitare by Beppe Finessi.
In the city, in different locations: Architecture as Art conceived and directed by Pier Luigi Nicolin and Nina Bassoli at Hangar Bicocca. At Museo Diocesano, Design behind Design by Natale Benazzi, Carlo Capponi, Laura Lazzaroni, Marco Romanelli and Andrea Sarto, Sempering by Luisa Collina and Cino Zucchi with Valentina Auricchio and Simona Galateo at MUDEC, Confluence at the National Museum of Science and Technology “Leonardo da Vinci”, New Crafts edited by Stefano Micelli at Fabbrica del Vapore, Campus & Controcampus. Architetture per studiare e ricercare edited by Scuola di Architettura Urbanistica Ingegneria delle Costruzioni at Politecnico in Milan, La logica dell’approssimazione, nell’arte e nella vita edited by Aldo Colonnetti and Gillo Dorfles at Palazzo della Permanente, Archidiversity. 9 architetti progettano design for all edited by Giulio Ceppi, Rodrigo Rodriguez with Matteo Artusi in collaboration with Fondazione Riccardo Catella, Design For All Italia and Comune di Milano at Triennale ExpoGate and Game/Video Art. A Survey edited by Matteo Bittanti and Vincenzo Trione at IULM.

Fuori Milano in Expo Area – Rho Fiera: City after City by Pierluigi Nicolin with the exhibitions Landscape Urbanism by Gaia Piccarolo, Urban Orchard by Maite Garcia Sanchis, Expanded Housing by Matteo Vercelloni, People in Motion by Michele Nastasi and Street Art by Nina Bassoli.
At Villa Reale in Monza, first and e historical seat of the International Exhibition of Decorative Arts from 1923, Road to (R)evolution. Prospettive di futuro. La poetica del domani fra car design e mobilità, in collaboration with the magazine Quattroruote.


BIOGRAPHY – Diletta Toniolo

Diletta Toniolo has always cultivated her passion for design, a subject which she teaches today in history courses and in research labs on contemporary trends. She promotes design through journalism – collaborations with, amongst others, ‘bOx International Trade’, ‘Domus’, ‘Bravacasa’, ‘Arketipo’, ‘Ottagono’, ‘il Mattino’, ‘Sky Alice’, ‘24 Ore Television’ and ‘Radio 24’. She also acts as curator of exhibitions and events. Other various publications she has contributed to include: the book ‘Capolavori del design italiano’, Edizioni White Star, edited by ‘design.doc’ and the free press ‘Tortona Around Design Journal’ edited during the Milan design week.
She’s been teaching for more than ten years at IED, holding courses in Phenomenology of Contemporary Arts, Design History, Salone Experience, Interior and Product Design, and various workshops. She’s also a IED Ambassador bringing experience and professionalism all over the world.
Among her publications: the book Capolavori del design italiano, La storia del design italiano attraverso l’opera dei suoi progettisti, White Star Editions edited by design.doc, and a collaboration as editor for free press Journal Tortona Around Design during Milan Design Week.


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